Project: Roof canopy
Architect: Thibault Faÿ

Year: 2014

Budget: Unknown

The Parys Stadium has today no cover which make the games difficult to follow under the
warm sunny days.

This proposal of tensile structure can cover a large area with a light metallic structure reducing the cost of the roof assembly. The installed fabric filters the daylight and brings a rain protection enhancing the conditions for watching the game at the stadium. This type of cover also gives a strong recognizable identity. The curved shapes of the tensile structure will be seen from far away making a call to get together for the event. The tensile structure can also be connected to a rain water harvest system for it to be reused on dry days to water the football pitch.

The same principles apply to the steel cover proposition bringing a more angular and sharper architectural expression.

BW_opt 2 sketch 01
BW_opt 2 sketch 02
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BW_opt 1 sketch 02
BW_opt 1 sketch 01
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