Project: 130 Keys, Bar, Restaurant, Confrence facilities, Gym, Spa, Swimming Pool

Architect: Ingerop Projects
Principal Architect: Thibault Faÿ

Year: 2015

Budget: 20 m€

The Hotel Atlante is located on the sea short of Libreville under a tropical climate, meaning that the challenge of this environmental friendly construction is to reduce the air conditioning consumption.

One of the main solution chosen in this project is to create shade to protect the building from the sun thus dropping its temperature.
The seal-like fabric mesh used as a protection is naturally inspired from the oceanic surroundings.

The V shape of the hotel offers the sea view to the biggest amount of rooms without compromising the privacy and opening the ocean to the visitor from his arrival in the hotel reception. The large opening of the lobby protected by the fabric wing is also naturally ventilated.

The circulations to access the rooms are receiving natural light by windows in the slits between buildings hence reducing the electricity usage during the day time.

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