Project: 37 Dwelling units and undergrounds parking
Architect: Bernard Schrœder
Architect Associate:

Thibault Faÿ

Year: 2016-2020

Budget: 10 m€

This residential building is located in Boulogne-Billancourt, a city with a high inhabitant density.

The project is made of two buildings visually connected by terraces. The large space between the south-east facade and the neighbour’s building allows nature to settle in this dense city with ground floor gardens. Small trees and shrubs will also grow on the 4th and 6th floor terraces.
The planted terraces bring an extra layer of insulation to keep the building cold in summer and warm in winter, this principle is also supported by sliding blinds in front of each window filtering the heat-gain brought by the sun.
The concrete structure buildings are cladded with natural rock and steel panels giving a visually robust implantation on the ground while the set-back of the upper floors invites the sky and daylight to go down the street.

The building has been conceived and built following the thermal regulation which reduce the energy consumption for each dwelling unit.