Project: 20 000sqm offices
Architect:Ingerop Projects

Principal Architect: Thibault Faÿ

Year: 2015

Budget: R 280 m

This office complex has been designed with the concept of compact building to find all municipal and regional services in one building ensemble. The three storey building hosts the municipal services and the regional services are hosted by the four storey building.

The double 8 shape of the plan allows for a maximum flexibility in the organization of the building and the court yards created will bring daylight in all parts of the building.

As the site is in slope, this allows to have large amount of parking semi-underground hence not visible from the street and pedestrian access.

The building is made with a steel structure, glass and insulated panels. The partly glassed facade are protected from the sun by a screen which is laser cut with a high-grass pattern to echo the surrounding landscape. On top of the passive treatments, this building will be equipped by the latest technology to monitor and reduce the energy consumption nonetheless granting an absolute comfort in summer and in winter.